Wine Imperial Capitals

In brief:

• Departure: from Belgrade
• Tour duration: from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (5 hours)
• Minimum: 2 persons
• Guided tours in: English and German
• A Guide with a Certificate for Guided Wine Tours
• Visiting two family wineries with wine tasting with local specialties
• Coffee break between visits to wineries

Travel Program:

This wine trip includes wineries from central and southeastern Serbia. The September Wine from these vineyards was drunk by Roman emperors but also by many Serbian medieval rulers. Today, Serbian winemakers, who preserve this tradition, are widely known for their well-kept vineyards, modern wine establishments, unique wines and, above all, famous hospitality.

Aleksandrovac Zupa, a wine-growing area located in the central part of Serbia, 230 km away from Belgrade, represents the traditional landscape of Serbian viticulture and winemaking. The rolling hills covered with vineyards actually form a basin 14 km long and 11 km wide, surrounded by the mountains Kopaonik, Željin, Goč and Jastrebac. These surrounding mountain ranges protect the Parish from sudden intrusions of cold air and strong winds. The temperate continental climate, with some Mediterranean features, is characterized by mild winters with little snow, with rare extremely low temperatures, which favors the cultivation of vines.
In Zupa the most represented autochthonous grape varieties are: tamjanika and prokupac, the oldest authentic grape variety in Serbia.
During this day we will visit two wineries where, in addition to local specialties, we will taste prokupac and incense, as well as other wines from domesticated grape varieties. Lunch is organized at the Milosavljevic winery and overnight at the Spasić Winery.
During the second day we will also visit two wineries: one from Nis, the other from Knjazevac.
Once in the vineyards of Nis, 6,000 ha were planted under the vine, today there are only 200ha. Three large combines bought grapes from Nis growers. Two were completely extinguished, with only the Cellar Malča in 1903 from the eponymous place, and with a new name (Wine Cellar Malča), completely remodeled and adapted for services in the field of wine tourism, remained as a plumage of the Nis winemaking.
After an incredibly interesting wine tour within the cellar itself called “A Journey Through Time” (a tour of the cellars from Roman timesx middle ages, 20th century and modern wineries) and a tasting, a visit to this cellar, dating back to 1903, we end at a national restaurant which is within the winery itself, where we will be tasting three wines from this winery.

We end this journey in Knjazevac, where today wine is inseparable from the history and tradition of the area. Knjazevac vineyards are located in the basin of the Timok River and its tributaries. The grapevine is also favored by the climate of the area, moderately continental, characterized by warm summers and cold winters, with over 300 sunny days a year.
Viticulture and wine production in the Knjazevac vineyards date back to the Roman times, as well as data from the Timakum Minus archeological site, right next to Knjazevac. A statue of Dionysus, the god of wine of the ancient Romans, was also excavated from that late ancient site.

After the Timacum Minus locale, we end up at Jović Winery, the pearl of Knjaževac vineyards.

During this wine day we toast three times, following the Serbian tradition,

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