About us

Serbia is a land of turbulent history, rich cultural heritage, untouched nature, interesting specialties, great hosts, healthy food and top wines, awarded at the most prestigious fairs in the world.

When designing our travels, our desire was to show all of Serbia that we are proud of with our guests through a unique offer and an unforgettable experience.

Our travels cover the entire territory of Serbia, and in content we classify them in thematic wine-tourist trips, because on each of them we get acquainted with the life and part of some of the historical figures, visit cultural and historical sites, archeological sites, learn about tradition and customs , we stroll through the city cores, and when tasting specialties from Serbia, we hang out with great hosts.


Rules for our travels:

– Tourist guide: a person with a certificate for conducting wine tours
– Transportation: luxury car, passenger van, minibus or bus (depending on number of passengers checked in)
– Minimum number of passengers: 2
– Place of departure and return: Štark Arena, New Belgrade
– Payment: upon receipt of the voucher, before the journey begins
– Dates: We travel from March 1st to November 30th
–At all the wineries we visit, you can get preferential priced wines with the  privilege card you can get here – WineRS card.

Our partners

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